10 Reasons To Go Solar

10 Reasons To Go Solar

Go solar in Las Vegas with Lifetime Solar. Converting your home to solar power is easier than you may think and incredibly affordable if you consider both the short and long-term costs. There are so many benefits for you and the environment. We’ve put together ten great reasons to consider solar panel installation in Southern Nevada.

  1. Free, Renewable Energy – Home solar panels collect the sunlight, convert it into usable electrical energy, and then disburse it to various areas in your home. Sunlight is one of the most reliable and accessible renewable resources available, especially here in Las Vegas. With today’s solar technology, your home energy needs can be met effectively and efficiently.
  2. Lower Carbon Footprint – Using solar power in your or home or business creates little to no pollution. You can run the AC and power your gadgets knowing that you contribute to a cleaner environment without using up the earth’s limited resources.
  3. Save Money – The initial investment in commercial and residential solar installation may seem significant. Fortunately, your system will more than pay for itself within a matter of years. In the meantime, you may be surprised at how much you save on your monthly electric bill right away. Over time, all those savings add up.
  4. Increased Property Value – The benefits of using solar energy are desirable to real estate buyers. This makes your residential or commercial property more attractive to potential buyers.
  5. Federal & Local Incentives – The US government offers tax incentives for installing and using solar power. Many local governments and energy companies also offer tax benefits, rebates, and credit programs that pay you, like net metering by NV Energy.
  6. Support US Energy Independence – Using locally available resources makes the United States less dependent on foreign oil.
  7. Off-Grid Lifestyle – Although using solar panels in Las Vegas does not entirely disconnect you from city electric–you are still connected to the grid–you will not have to rely solely on the electric company to power your home. Some incentive programs may even pay you back for your system’s excess power generation.
  8. Rising Living Costs – Using solar energy to power your home or business protects you against the unpredictability of traditional power’s rising costs.
  9. Impress Your Neighbors – From the outspoken environmentalist to the frugal budgetista to the tech-savvy, everyone recognizes the value of solar panels. You might just be the new coolest house on the block, literally and figuratively speaking.
  10. Built To Last – Lifetime Solar is an authorized dealer of SunPower commercial and home solar panels. These high-quality systems carry a 25-year warranty. That’s more than double the standard warranty found on other types of solar panels.

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