Commercial Solar Design & Installation

Commercial Solar Design & Installation

Investing in commercial solar design and installation from Lifetime Solar can benefit your Las Vegas business today and for years to come. Living in the Vegas Valley means high power costs for many businesses. Fortunately, our abundance of sunshine can help offset some of those costs when you pair it with a high-quality solar panel system.

Let us show you how professionally designed and installed solar panel systems can meet your company’s unique property and energy needs.

Why Go Solar For Business?

Heating and cooling, powering computers, office lighting, break room appliances, elevators and escalators, copiers, and security equipment – it all adds up in kilowatt usage per hour and adds to the cost you pay to do business. A solar conversion or brand new commercial solar installation can reduce or eliminate your reliance on energy sources that only continue to increase in price.

  • Little-To-No Maintenance – No Moving Parts
  • Reduce Your Overall Operating Costs
  • Pays For Itself Over Time
  • Improve Your Energy-Efficiency
  • Attractive To Patrons & Customers
  • State & Federal Incentives For Businesses

Solutions For Every Industry

Solar panels in Las Vegas harness clean, free, and freely renewable energy from the sun and use it to power almost everything you need to do business. This makes them a perfect solution for all kinds of Vegas Valley industries.

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Malls, Shopping Centers & Retail Stores
  • Hospitals, Healthcare Clinics & Assisted Living
  • Manufacturing & Warehouses
  • Educational Institutions
  • Builders & Property Developers
  • Office Parks & Corporate Buildings
  • Government & Municipal Buildings
  • Fitness & Indoor Recreation Centers
  • Hotels & Resorts

Commercial Solar Installation In Las Vegas

Whether you’re a small private school or a large hospital, the benefits you get from your solar panels will depend on the system and setup you choose. An experienced commercial solar company, like Lifetime Solar, will make sure you get the best panels, in the right quantities, all installed correctly for maximum sun exposure in Las Vegas.

Custom Design By Experienced Professionals

We start with high-quality, reliable, long-lasting equipment, like SunPower or Tesla solar panels, to make sure your system will stand the tests of time. Then, we design a system that will provide your specific company with the power it needs. Your commercial solar panels are then carefully placed in the most beneficial and attractive locations. Our certified electricians know about all the permits and safety precautions needed and can get the job done quickly and correctly.

Get Commercial Solar Panels

If you’re considering a commercial solar conversion or panels for your new business build in Las Vegas, count on Lifetime Solar. From financing to panel selection to system design and, ultimately, installation services, we are here to help you. Contact us today for your quote. We look forward to helping you reduce both business costs and your carbon footprint.

See How Solar In Las Vegas Can Save You Money

About Lifetime Solar

Lifetime Solar is a complete solar power company that offers solar design and installation services to Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. We are a Sunpower and Tesla authorized dealer. When you convert your residential or commercial property to solar energy, our experts will configure the optimal system to save you money. Stop paying too much for power in Las Vegas and call Lifetime Solar.

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