Home Generators Vs Solar Batteries

Home Generators Vs Solar Batteries

Lifetime Solar is aware that many people in Las Vegas have questions about solar batteries and home generators. In addition, many homeowners are concerned about possible power outages and how they can be sure that their home is ready for an emergency, mainly if they rely on solar power.

What Is A Generator?

A generator is a machine that converts the energy in diesel fuel into electrical energy. It allows you to use your electrical appliances during a power outage.

Disadvantages Of Generators

If you are trying to lessen your dependence on fossil fuels, a generator will not be a good choice because it runs on diesel fuel. Other drawbacks include:

  • An Unpleasant Odor
  • A Noisy Motor
  • It Will Need Regular Maintenance & Servicing
  • It Requires You To Keep A Supply Of Fuel On Hand

Advantages Of Generators

Generators are relatively easy to install. They are also portable.

What Is A Solar Battery?

A solar battery is a device that stores the excess electricity that is generated by solar panels. It allows you to power your home during a power outage at night or on a cloudy day.

Disadvantages Of Solar Batteries

As you might expect, these valuable units do not have a small price tag, but their prices decrease yearly. Their other disadvantages include:

  • Average Lifespan Of 5 Or 10 Years
  • May Need Frequent Maintenance

Advantages Of Solar Batteries

A battery can be a great addition to your home solar power system. Unlike diesel generators that you will only use during power outages, these units will come in handy regularly. You can draw power from them at night, on a cloudy day, or during peak utility rates, making a big difference in your utility bills.

Check Out Tesla Power Wall Batteries

Tesla Power wall solar batteries are an excellent choice for energy storage needs. These AC batteries and energy storage systems feature a compact design and easy installation indoors or out. They can handle residential and light commercial use. They are also:

  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Durable & Water-Resistant

These batteries work well in several environments since you can stack up to ten of them and you don’t have to worry about exposed wires or similar hazards.

Environmentally Friendly Power In Las Vegas

As a Sunpower and Tesla authorized dealer, Lifetime Solar offers quality products for your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business. We can handle all your solar design and installation needs. Call us today to discuss how you can make a difference in your utility bills.

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