Is My Home A Good Fit For Solar?

Is My Home A Good Fit For Solar?

Solar panels are an investment, so it’s smart to consider how much they will benefit you before deciding to have a system installed. At Lifetime Solar, we want to help Las Vegas residents figure out whether this decision is right for them, so here is a list of signs that your house is especially suited for solar panels.

Signs Your House Is Fit For Solar

  • You own a single-family residence.
  • You have high monthly electricity bills.
  • You live in an area with ample daily sunlight.
  • You have a wide, open roof that isn’t obscured by shade.
  • Your roof is in decent condition.
  • You’re eligible for rebates or other clean energy incentives.

You Own A Single-Family Home

Generally, it can be pretty difficult to get permission to install solar panels if you’re renting a home or if you own part of a multifamily property or condo. If you or your family own a freestanding house, it will likely be much easier to do so. You’ll still want to discuss your plans with the local HOA if your neighborhood has one to avoid getting fined.

Your Monthly Utility Bills Are High

If your electricity bills are obscenely high, a solar energy system may be an excellent investment because the more you currently pay, the more you could potentially save. People who spend over $100 or $150 a month on electricity tend to experience more long-term savings.

Your Home Receives Enough Sunlight

As you might guess, solar panels are most efficient when they receive ample sunlight with minimal cloud or fog coverage. The good news is that Las Vegas gets an average of nearly 300 sunny days a year, making it an excellent place for homeowners who wish to make the switch to renewable energy!

Your Rooftop Isn’t Obscured By Shade

If your home is surrounded by tall buildings that create a lot of shade, it may be challenging to find a panel configuration that generates a suitable amount of energy. However, a professional solar system design company like Lifetime Solar can inspect your property and help determine the most effective setup.

Your Roof Is Suitable For Solar Panels

If your roof is severely damaged and will probably need to be replaced within the next couple of decades, you may want to consider having repairs or a replacement done before you install a solar energy system to avoid the future hassle and additional cost of having it fall apart while the panels are on it.

Get Residential Solar Panels In Las Vegas

At Lifetime Solar, we can help you determine the best system configuration for your house so that you can maximize your energy production and savings in LAs Vegas. We’re also proud authorized dealers of Tesla panels and Powerwall batteries, and SunPower solar panels, which are two of the best residential renewable energy products on the market. Contact us today for more information.

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