Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage

Combine cutting-edge solar panels with a solar battery storage system from Lifetime Solar in Las Vegas and start saving money and the planet. No solar system is complete without batteries to store and disperse the sun’s energy just when you need it.

The Mojave desert has a nearly endless supply of sun, and solar technology is more affordable than ever, so now is the time to stop relying on conventional energy and join the green revolution with solar panels in Las Vegas.

Why Do I Need A Solar Panel Battery Bank?

Just as a financial bank keeps your money safe until you are ready to spend it, a solar battery bank stores the energy that your solar panels produce until you need to use it. Your solar panels make the most electricity midday when the sun is highest, but peak electricity usage extends well beyond the noon hour.

You still want to be able to run your A/C, cook dinner, watch TV, do your laundry, and run other appliances even when the sun is not available, and solar batteries allow you to do just that.

Solar Power On Demand

Without batteries, your solar system would only work when the sun is shining, but you need to have electricity at all hours of the night and day. There are also “peak hours” when the electric company charges a premium to use electricity from the grid.

Your solar energy system can be configured to bank the excess energy produced in your battery bank so that you can draw from it, instead of the grid, during peak hours, saving you money on your electric bill.

Advantages Of Solar Battery Storage

Clean, renewable energy from the sun is so much better for the planet than conventional power. In addition to lowering your carbon footprint, additional benefits of installing a solar system include:

  • Use The Sun’s Energy 24/7
  • Produce Clean Energy
  • Protect Against Power Outages
  • Store 3+ Days’ Worth Of Backup Power
  • Lower Electric Bills
  • Reduce Reliance On The Grid

Las Vegas Solar Solutions

Lifetime Solar designs and installs both commercial solar systems as well as residential solar installations. We have many options, including Sunpower solar panels and battery storage systems to help you bank the sun’s energy and use it when you need it.

Call our Las Vegas solar company to find out how you can tap into and use the abundant sun supply that the Mojave desert has to offer.

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