Solar Power Uses & Facts

Solar Power Uses & Facts

Solar power is becoming progressively appealing as a supply of energy for residential and commercial properties. Solar energy is radiant heat given off by the sun. With the right equipment to capture it, this source could fulfill the world’s energy needs.

Why Do We Need Solar Power?

We are all becoming more aware of the environmental crisis the earth is facing. Our society currently depends on coal, natural gas, and petroleum to meet our energy needs. Unfortunately, these energy providers cause many issues, including pollution. We need to find a source that is constant and causes no pollution. The total amount of constantly available power from the sun exceeds our present needs as well as our estimated requirements in the future.

Why Is Solar Power Such An Ideal Power Source?

  • The Largest Energy Source On Earth
  • Inexhaustible Supply
  • Nonpolluting
  • Worldwide Availability

How We Collect Energy From The Sun

Although this power is freely available, collecting and using it requires specialized equipment. The most common way to use it is to convert it into thermal energy (heat). There are several methods of doing this:

  • Flat-Plate Collectors
  • Solar Ponds
  • Solar Ovens

Flat-Plate Collectors

Flat-plate collectors are usually made up of dark metal plates covered with one or two sheets of glass. When the sun shines on them, they receive heat. This heat can be transferred to water (“carrier fluid”) that flows past the undersides of the plates. Now the heat can be used immediately or transferred into a storage space such as an insulated tank. The tanks store this heated water for use during non-sunny hours. Flat-plate collectors are often used as power sources for water heaters and home heating systems. Solar panels from manufacturers like Tesla and Sunpower are examples of flat-plate collectors.

Solar Ponds

Solar ponds are another method of thermal energy conversion. Usually located in warm rural areas, these bodies of saltwater collect and store solar energy. Manufacturers extract the heat from these ponds to use as they make products like chemicals and textiles. These ponds can also provide electricity by way of unique engines called Rankine cycle engines.

Solar Ovens

You can make the sun’s energy work for you on a small scale if you bake foods in a specially created oven. This gadget absorbs sunlight from a large space and concentrates it into a small area where a dark-colored receptacle converts sunlight into heat. These ovens are usually movable and are not dependent on any other fuel sources.

Put The Sun’s Power To Work For You

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