Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Lifetime Solar installs residential solar panels on Las Vegas homes to help homeowners lower their energy bills. Expensive utilities are a shared burden in the Vegas Valley. That money could be better spent on other essentials, especially when renewable, sustainable options are available. Homeowners interested in solar energy can consider the following benefits.

Skip Costly Fossil Fuels With Solar Energy

Greenhouse gases make the world even warmer. In Las Vegas, residents know that the Valley already has abundant heat. Fortunately, environmentally friendly solutions can put more money in your pocket and give you something to feel good about.

Lifetime Solar makes the solar installation process easy. We make sure you get what you need with the following steps.

  • A Free Estimate
  • Efficient Design & Layout
  • Professional Installation
  • Fast Repairs
  • Trusted Solar Bands

Authorized SunPower & Tesla Installation

Lifetime Solar is a licensed SunPower and Tesla solar power dealer. We have access to exceptional equipment, like the SunPower Equinox system, built specifically for residential properties like yours.

These brands are some of the most trusted in the industry. They come with competitive warranties, affordable rates, and durability. With these brands by your side, you can keep your air conditioning going as long as you need.

Maximize Energy Efficiency With LifeTime Solar

Our solar company designs the layout for home solar panel systems and installs them. Whether you have a house full of avid gamers or a heat-sensitive pet that needs the AC, we will design a system that works for your home and lifestyle needs. Our thorough process includes helping you choose the following.

  • The Brand You Want
  • Number Of Solar Panels
  • Necessary Permits
  • Additional Equipment

Not every home is immediately equipped for solar panels, so our team will help you determine what you need to take advantage of Las Vegas’s greatest natural resource: sunlight. Switching from outdated electricity to solar panels has never before been so simple.

Your Trusted Las Vegas Solar Company

Are you ready to start saving money? Upgrade or update your energy game with solar panels for your Las Vegas home. Contact us today at Lifetime Solar for a free solar panel installation quote.

See How Solar Power In Las Vegas Saves Money

About Lifetime Solar

Lifetime Solar is a Las Vegas, Nevada solar power company that offers complete design and installation for residential and commercial properties. As a Sunpower and Tesla authorized dealer, we offer quality solar panel products that you can count on. Find out how much you can save when you convert your home or business to solar.

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