Solar For Homes

Solar For Homes

With affordable pricing, great financing, and federal and local incentives, solar for home by Lifetime Solar is becoming more and more popular in Las Vegas. When’s the last time you looked at your gas or electric bill and thought, “that’s all?”

With ever-increasing rates, the Vegas Valley is notorious for expensive utility bills. See how residential solar installations can benefit you.

The Benefits Of Home Solar Panels

A solar conversion or new build home solar installation can reduce your reliance on costly fossil fuels. This means you get an environmentally friendly solution that puts more money in your pocket and gives you access to many other advantages, both immediate and long-term.

  • Las Vegas Sunshine = Clean, Plentiful & Renewable
  • No Moving Parts – Low-To-No Maintenance
  • Lower Utility Bills & Higher Energy-Efficiency
  • A Home Power System That Pays For Itself
  • Local & Federal Incentives

Great Solar Starts With Great Panels

At Lifetime Solar, we are an authorized SunPower solar power dealer. This means we have access to exceptional equipment, like the SunPower Equinox system built specifically for residential properties like yours.

  • Generates Up To 55% More Energy In Less Space
  • Durable Systems Warrantied For 25 Years
  • Minimalistic Design To Accent, Not Overwhelm, Your Home
  • No Unnecessary Hardware Or Unsightly Utility Boxes
  • Easy To Expand
  • Seamless Backup Options

Professional Design & Installation Services

We both design and install home solar panel systems. So, whether you have a house full of avid gamers or a heat-sensitive pet that needs the AC on even when you’re away, we will design a system that works for your home size and lifestyle needs. You don’t have to worry about figuring out how many solar panels, which brand, or what permits you need. We take care of all that for you.

Additionally, when you have panels installed by a professional solar company familiar with the local Vegas Valley area, you get a system installed quickly and positioned for maximum power conversion and excellent curb appeal.

Your Trusted Las Vegas Solar Company

Upgrade or update your energy game with solar panels for your Las Vegas home. Contact us today at Lifetime Solar to get a free quote on solar panel installation.

See How Solar In Las Vegas Can Save You Money

About Lifetime Solar

Lifetime Solar is proud to offer solar design and installation services to Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. We are a Sunpower authorized dealer.  Our solar experts can help you figure out the right configuration for your residential or commercial property, you wish to convert to solar. Stop paying too much for power in Las Vegas and call Lifetime Solar.

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