How Does Solar Net Metering Work?

How Does Solar Net Metering Work?

Here at Lifetime Solar in Las Vegas, our team is very conscious of the fact that the natural resources that provide energy around the world are depleting and the cost of utilities is continually on the rise. For these reasons, many homeowners are looking to reduce their carbon footprint with solar energy and storage panels with backup batteries.

If you are entertaining the idea of installing solar panels in Las Vegas, you will likely hear the term “net metering” used but may not be familiar with what it means or how it benefits solar installations. To clarify net metering and its relationship with solar power, we’ll discuss what it is, how it works, and the perks this program can offer owners who are going green.

What Is Net Metering?

Essentially, net metering is a billing mechanism used by utility companies that allows residential and commercial businesses that have systems that provide excess energy an option to send it back to the public grid. In turn, those with net metering can be compensated by using excess energy credits should days be cloudy or even receive monetary payouts for unused credits.

In addition to homes and condo communities, these solar energy credits can be substantial for other properties such as:

  • Office buildings & warehouses
  • Retail space & shopping centers
  • Municipal & public service buildings
  • High-rise structures
  • Schools & universities
  • Parks & sports fields

During power outages, net metering and solar panels can be invaluable when they are backed up with Tesla Powerwall storage systems, inverters, and batteries from an authorized dealer like Lifetime Solar in Las Vegas, NV.

How Net Metering Works

Solar energy systems in sunny Las Vegas might actually generate more electricity than what is consumed. Net metering ensures that property owners are only billed for any net energy used monthly, which is the difference between the production of the system and what is actually utilized during the billing cycle.

If your home or business is net-metered, you’ll actually see the meter run backward, and this is what allows owners to qualify for credits to hedge against current usage from the grid at night or on cloudy days. Customers are billed for net energy use, with the excess being placed onto the grid for others to use.

The Benefits Of Net Metering

Overall, many will find solar energy panels to be a worthwhile endeavor in Las Vegas. Homeowners here have utility bills that average $117 monthly, and these installations can possibly reduce bills by 100% and still have residual credits through net metering. There are other incentives for going solar in Las Vegas now rather than later with programs including:

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