Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Put the Las Vegas sun to work for you with solar pool heating from Lifetime Solar. Pair SunPower solar panels with a high-quality solar pool heating system and experience the benefits of a cost-effective comfortable swim, year-round. Let us show you the power of harnessing one of Nevada’s most abundant resources.

Benefits Of Solar Pool Heaters

With approximately 300 days of sunshine, Las Vegas is an ideal city to take advantage of everything solar power offers. Our dry weather makes swimming pools almost essential for many homeowners across the valley. Using a green energy source like the sun to warm up your pool or hot tub makes sense.

There are no moving parts to replace or wear out, and you can easily adjust your solar pool heater to turn off on rainy days or other times you don’t need it. These systems pay for themselves in an average time of under three years.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Pays For Itself Over Time, Then It’s Free
  • Little To No Maintenance
  • Sun = Clean, No Cost, Renewable Energy
  • Extended Swimming Days
  • Extended Swimming Season

How Pool Solar Works

We install pool solar panels on your roof or porch, in an area that gets the best sunlight. Your swimming pool pump and filter system push water through these panels to heat it and then return it to your pool. Your newly installed or existing solar panels can provide the energy needed to pump water through this system, eliminating the need for traditional electricity or gas.

What Size System Do I Need?

We regularly design custom home and commercial solar power systems, so you can leave the calculations and installation to us. Professional installation is fast and accurate, ensuring the best results. The size of your solar pool heating system will depend on several factors.

  • The Size Of Your Pool
  • The Length Of Your Swimming Season
  • Desired Pool Temperature
  • Proper Panel Installation
  • Panel Efficiency
  • Use Of A Pool Cover

Get More Out Of Your Home Swimming Pool

Your pool and its upkeep is an investment. Why let it sit, unused for months at a time? Go for an early morning swim and host a pool party in the evening, all in the comfort of a comfortably heated pool. Imagine it: no more complaints that the pool is “too cold” to use, or grief over the cost of having to run the heater.

Is the weather starting to cool down? That’s no reason to let your backyard recreation and entertaining come to an end. We can install high-quality home solar panels to power your indoor living as well as your outdoor fun, including solar pool heating systems.

Solar Solutions For Commercial Pools

Hotels, resorts, apartments, condos, and many neighborhoods in Las Vegas often provide a pool for residents to enjoy. Cut down on the maintenance required for gas and electric pool heaters (and your long-term energy bills) with solar power. We can install commercial pool solar panels to power your business and public recreation areas.

Solar Pool Heating In Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a solar company in Las Vegas to convert your pool’s heating system, contact us at Lifetime Solar today. We specialize in both home solar panel installation and commercial solutions. We look forward to consulting with you and getting you a quote for the right renewable energy system for your unique lifestyle and property.

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