Solar System Design & Installation

Solar System Design & Installation

Lifetime Solar in Las Vegas provides complete system design and installation services that can save you time and money in your quest to “go green.” Home solar panels are a significant investment, so why settle for an inefficient cookie-cutter solution or a roof power system that doesn’t really suit your rooftop or electricity needs?

Our company offers top tier products, including SunPower and Tesla solar panels. We custom design each home installation to guarantee a solution you will be happy with for years to come.

Installing Solar Panels In Las Vegas

You may already know that the Mojave desert climate is highly suited to solar power. But, believe it or not, if saving the most money is your goal, selecting and installing panels is not a simple DIY project. A lot of prep work is involved.

From surveying your existing and future power consumption needs to inspecting your roof and property layout, getting HOA approval if necessary, and obtaining permits, there is a lot to do. Most importantly, it all needs to be done right.

Why not leave the design and installation of your power system, Including getting it hooked into the electrical grid, to our certified electricians.

Getting Ready To Go Solar

Lifetime Solar can advise you on the steps you need to take before going solar, such as figuring out your energy needs and working with your HOA for approval. Once you’re ready to proceed, we will make sure your home and roof are suitable for installation and give you a comprehensive, free quote, so you know what to expect from start to finish.

Benefits Of A Custom Home Installation

Every home and property is unique, so your solar panel design should also be unique. What suits your friend across town won’t necessarily work on your rooftop or in your HOA.

When you choose a customized power system design from Lifetime Solar, we deliver a complete solution that will:

  • Best Suit Your Home’s Layout
  • Work Within Your Budget
  • Maximize Energy Bill Savings
  • Minimize Hassle
  • Satisfy Your HOA Requirements
  • Reduce Your Reliance on Traditional Power
  • The SunPower Difference

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of SunPower panels in Las Vegas. These high-quality panels offer superior technology for residential and commercial use. SunPower systems are designed and engineered by a single company; they are more efficient than competing systems and have an unmatched 25-year warranty. There is no better solution on the market today.

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Tired of paying too much for electricity in your Las Vegas home? Call Lifetime Solar and let our experts design and install a solar power system that is right for you. Request your free quote today.

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About Lifetime Solar

Lifetime Solar is a Las Vegas, Nevada solar power company that offers complete design and installation for residential and commercial properties. As a Sunpower and Tesla authorized dealer, we offer quality solar panel products that you can count on. Find out how much you can save when you convert your home or business to solar.

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