SunPower COVID-19 Safety Standards | SunPower Solar Blog

SunPower COVID-19 Safety Standards | SunPower Solar Blog

At SunPower, safety is always our highest priority. This culture of safety extends beyond the roofline and into the communities we serve as well.

As a global solar ambassador, SunPower first began monitoring the effects of the COVID-19 virus outbreak when a global state of emergency was announced in late January. As the virus progressed throughout the following months, SunPower emphasized the importance of following the stringent recommendations set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on cleanliness and hygiene. This included mandating a work from home initiative for the vast majority of our global workforce.

While these are challenging times, and we understand our customers have many different priorities, we remain focused on our mission to change the way our world is powered. Solar not only helps make a difference in our carbon footprint, it can help mitigate unpredictable and unplanned energy bills that come as a result of increased demand. In doing so, families and businesses are better equipped to manage everyday expenses during times of economic uncertainty.

To this end, SunPower will cautiously move forward with installations in accordance with CDC standards and standards established by local authorities. We will install when it makes sense, and we won’t when it doesn’t. In short, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, customers, installation contractors and communities over our earnings.

For those customers moving forward with their solar installation, please know that SunPower implemented protocols that go beyond current health and safety expectations. All SunPower employees exhibiting illness of any kind are required to stay at home until cleared to return to work.

We are taking social distancing seriously in the field as well. Because most of the work on an installation takes place on a roof, there is no need for customers to be in direct contact with any members of the installation team. On occasion, work will need to be performed in a homeowner’s garage due to the location of the electric service panel. We have moved to make much of this process no contact, for instance, through the use of mobile communications. Crew members have been instructed to wear gloves, face coverings (when necessary and as required by local authorities) and will provide proper ventilation as appropriate. During the installation, all crew members are instructed to engage in regular hand sanitation without needing access to a customer’s home or business.

To the SunPower employees who are doing their best to juggle this new reality while continuing to provide the best customer experience possible, I thank you. And to our installation contractors and customers, we greatly value your patience and collaboration as we adapt to this uncharted territory.

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