SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower Solar Panels

Let Lifetime Solar designs and installs your SunPower residential or commercial rooftop panel system in Las Vegas, Nevada. SunPower’s world-class technology and unparalleled 25-year warranty can’t be beaten. Call us today to find out how SunPower can put the blazing desert sun to work for you.

Best Panels, Best Warranty

SunPower panels offer superior copper technology and a 25-year warranty that is more than double the standard warranty. Conventional rooftop systems include parts from multiple companies. SunPower designs and engineers complete systems for both residential and commercial use.

Best of all, SunPower’s “Complete Confidence Warranty” guarantees that your solar cells will only decline 8% over 25 years. Conventional systems decline 80% over 10-years.

Reasons To Choose Solar At Home

SunPower panel installation is an ideal home efficiency upgrade that increases your home’s value and adds curb appeal.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Protect The Environment
  • Increase Your Property Value
  • Less Reliance On “The Grid”
  • Receive Tax Incentives
  • Protect Your Roof From Weather Damage
  • Support Local Economy
  • Create A Hedge Against Rising Energy Costs

Reducing The Cost Of Doing Business

The rising costs of traditional energy sources are a bane for both large and small business owners. Although solar has a reputation for being a costly investment, the truth is that costs continue to go down.

Some of the reasons business and property owners are turning to solar include:

  • Federal Investment Tax Credits
  • Excellent ROI
  • Fewer Power Outages
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Greater Employee Satisfaction
  • Customers Tend To Choose “Green”

Go Solar In Las Vegas

Clean energy is no longer out of your reach. Whether you are looking to install panels at your home or business, we can custom design a SunPower system that is right for you. We also have a variety of financing options to get you into your new solar panel system, without breaking the bank.

See How Solar In Las Vegas Can Save You Money

About Lifetime Solar

Lifetime Solar is proud to offer solar design and installation services to Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. We are a Sunpower authorized dealer.  Our solar experts can help you figure out the right configuration for your residential or commercial property, you wish to convert to solar. Stop paying too much for power in Las Vegas and call Lifetime Solar.

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