Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Panels

At Lifetime Solar, we now offer Tesla solar products in Las Vegas. The sun shines bright all year long in the Vegas Valley. Although that can mean high energy bills when running the air-conditioning, you can save and put the sun to work for you by installing superior solar panel systems by brands known for quality and high-end performance – like Tesla.

Dynamic Paneling, Minimalistic Design

Tesla Powerwall

A company known for its futuristic aesthetic, Tesla makes solar panels with a sleek and durable design. These unimposing but high-tech modules easily blend in with your roof. In addition, the all-black, smooth, thin surface gives a minimalist feel to the advanced technology underneath. The Proprietary, all-black Zep Groove design keeps panels close to your roof and close to each other.

  • One of the most powerful residential photovoltaic panels available.
  • Requires up to 20 percent fewer modules to achieve the same power as a standard system.
  • High conversion efficiency and improved shade tolerance.
  • Concealed edges, low-profile, and an invisible grid.
  • Subject to high-end automotive-grade engineering, scrutiny, and quality assurance.

Maximum Energy Production, Year-Round

Tesla solar panels provide maximum energy production with efficient, year-round functionality. We can install your Tesla panels in either portrait or landscape orientation to maximize their electrical output for your home or business.

Our professional design and installation services will ensure that your alternative energy system is placed correctly and efficiently the first time around to serve you for many years to come.

Superior Standards, Long-Lasting Panels

Tesla solar panels are designed for maximum performance. They offer the most powerful residential photovoltaic modules available. Tested under the same standards as the company’s automobiles, they are built to be long-lasting and effective. They require 20 percent fewer modules to produce the same power as comparable solar power units.

Designed to last 25 years or more, Tesla solar systems are built to optimize energy intake and perform at maximum capacity in much less sunny places than Las Vegas.

Tesla Solar Inverters For A Seamless Experience

Tesla Solar PanelsYour panels are only as good as the inverter installed to convert all that free Las Vegas sunshine into energy your home can use. We can complete your solar system with brand-name inverters. Tesla

solar inverters are compatible with both brand name and traditional panels.

In addition, these inverters have built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular capabilities for easier monitoring and control.

  • Exceptional Efficiency & Reliability
  • Built-In Wi-Fi, Ethernet & Cellular Connectivity
  • Easy Over-The-Air Updates
  • Native Integration With Tesla App
  • 3.8 kW & 7.6 kW Models Available

Manage Energy Usage From Your Smart Device

Using a streamlined mobile application, Tesla solar clients have 24/7 access to information regarding their energy usage. This tool makes it easy to monitor how power is being used. You can also set up preferences to improve your overall energy independence.

Tesla Solar In Las Vegas

When you are ready to take the next step towards alternative energy in Las Vegas, Lifetime Solar is here to help with Tesla solar panels, batteries, and inverters. For more information or a free quote, contact us today.

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