Choosing The Right Solar Charge Controller For Your System

Choosing The Right Solar Charge Controller For Your System

Solar-powered homes and businesses have become more commonplace in recent years. In Las Vegas, Lifetime Solar installs solar power systems including solar charge controllers.

What Is A Solar Power System?

A solar power system is a fairly simple system that harnesses the sun’s rays and stores them in a battery bank for later usage. We do this by placing an array of panels at an optimal angle, and running heavy gauge electrical wires into a bank of batteries to fill them up.

What Is A Solar Charge Controller?

A solar charge controller sits between the solar panels and the power storage bank and regulates how much energy comes out of those panels, and then determines how fast batteries are filled.

Types Of Charge Controllers

  • PWM
  • MPPT

PWM Or Pulse Width Modulation

PWM controllers are used for smaller projects where only a few panels and lower voltage are required.

  • Tiny Homes
  • Mobile Camper
  • RV Applications

MPPT Or Maximum Power Point Tracking

This type of unit has features that make it more efficient and reduce power loss when there are higher outputs from the panel array and it is used with larger, bigger budget systems.

Charge Controllers Work With Panels

It is necessary to regulate incoming panels’ voltage to the battery bank safely. The PWM or MPPT takes the power produced by the panels and feeds it at the correct voltage to the batteries.

Works With Batteries

Any charge controller you choose will have a maximum speed it can charge your battery bank, the right controller speeds up the process of replenishing your battery bank. That’s a factor when considering on-demand backup power needs in an emergency situation at a home or office.

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